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Free: 3D Track Icons for Your DAW

I have created some musical 3D icons for my new (pretty big) Cubase orchestral template to maintain an organized overview. They are AI generated and follow my personal general color coding (like drums /percussions are red, strings are blue etc.). 

I am pleased to share these icons with you for free. Some may not be perfectly realistc (The AI had some difficulties creating some of the instruments, and and a few have some glitches), but so long they do their job, I do not mind much. They are not designed to be perfect instrument images but should just quickly let me see where I am and where to click. 

These icons should be compatible not only with Cubase but also with other DAWs that support icon usage, such as ProTools, Logic Pro X, Studio One, Reaper, and Ableton. Additionally, they can be used in Elgato Stream Deck. All icons are 500x500 Pixel JPEG files and pretty much compressed to keep the sizes low. 

I will add some icons from time to time. Should you find yourself in need of a specific icon that isn't included here, let me know. I'll see what I can do. You can contact me at Instagram or Twitter (X)

Here is an example (click to enlarge):

Screenshot Cubase Groups

Percussions Untuned


Piano + Keys